The Revolution


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No Youth Service this Week

There will be no youth service this Wednesday, July 3rd.


The Revolution Connection

Sunday Evenings @ 5:30

The Revolution Connection is our student ministry small group Bible study. It is during this time that we dig even deeper into the Word of God and build lasting, godly relationships. All teens 6th to 12th grade are welcome to join us.


Look around. Our world is divided in almost every way imaginable—religion, politics, race, views on sexuality, and much, much more. On the surface, it might not seem like the time is right for a movement of God. On the contrary, now is the perfect time for revival. Not the emotional, momentary, feel-good type that comes and goes, but a revival that changes hearts. When God changes hearts, churches change. And changed churches change cities, which change nations, which change the world. When the world has seemed to be at its darkest, the Spirit of God has moved in a way that only He could. Can He do it again? Yes, He can. We just need to prepare our hearts to be ready when He does.

The Revolution

Sunday Morning Bible Study

Sunday @ 9:15 AM

Join us each Sunday morning in the Revolution Student Center as we dig deep into the Word of God. Studying the Bible through verses by verse, line by line, We come to a deeper understaning the Lord and what He has purposed for us as His children. All students 6th to 12th grade are welcome.

THE Revolution

Wendnesday @ 6:00 PM

Teens, 6th to 12th grade are encouraged Join The Revolution. The Revolution Student Ministry meets on Wednesdays beginning at 6:00 PM. Will you join the Revolution?


The Revolution Student Ministry's summer schedule and location will change. Please come back and look for our updated Summer Schedule.